Clonal Brothers is a one stop wine production company that offers wines and wine market solutions for everything you need from all the great Australian and New Zealand wine growing regions and varietals.

The concept was setup by Steve and Matt Harrop to tap their broad wine industry experience and the wine market resources that they have access to between them. Matt having 25 years of winemaking and marketing, winery and label development, and International Judging - and Steve with 17 years of hospitality, vineyard development, international sales, brand management and bulk wine solutions.


Clonal Brothers' Wines

Clonal Brothers aim is to only produce wines that have been developed and delivered entirely by Matt and Steve. Each wine we bottle whether big or small, is something we really know and like - that’s the most important thing.

Amen Break 2013 Chardonnay

Quarry Ridge Vineyard, Victorian Highlands, Victoria, Australia.

Quarry Ridge Vineyard is planted on the site of an old bluestone quarry, 550m above sea level near Kilmore, 100km north of Melbourne in the beautiful Victorian Highlands.

These vines are now nearing 30 years old, and produce a small crop of concentrated fruit each year. This is a cold place, so crops must be low and farming must be exact. We monitor the vineyard daily in the weeks leading to harvest, then pick at the moment acidity, sugar and flavour are in balance.

All harvest is done by hand, the winemaking is simple but precise.

Fermentation is in used French oak hogsheads. Naturally occurring vineyard yeasts conduct the fermentation, and the wine matures in contact with these same yeasts for up to 12 months before bottling.

No fining is used and the wine is minimally filtered.

The Amen Break Chardonnay shows lifted aromatics of fig and pear, complexing reductive elements and a hint of white florals. The palate is very concentrated, with fig, pear, wet stones, and a hint of mealy phenolic at the finish. Acidity is bright and frames the palate beautifully. This is a totally modern, thoroughly authentic expression of cool grown, high altitude chardonnay.

Amen Break 2013 Chardonnay

Amen Break 2013 Pinot Noir

Chinamans Terrace Vineyard, Bendigo, Central Otago, New Zealand

The Chinamans Terrace was named for the first miners in this beautiful part of New Zealand, who flocked here in the early part of the 19th century, lured by the fortunes and opportunities only gold could bring.

Planted in 2006, the north facing Chinamans Terrace Vineyard is the highest (330m) planting in the exciting sub region of Bendigo. The warm days and shallow soils, flecked with schist and quartz, produce wines that are dark, rich and lush, benefiting form the rock reflected heat and cool airflow.

All harvest is done by hand, the winemaking is respectful and considered.

Natural yeasts conduct the fermentation, and a high (up to 50%)amount of whole bunches are utilized. Once dry the wine is pressed and matured in used French hogsheads.

No fining is used and the wine is bottled unfiltered.

The Amen Break Pinot Noir has a wonderful dense deep red colour. Aromatics of red plum, black cherry and bunch-derived Campari are pure and intense. The palate is a revelation- dense but bright, concentrated and with space. Pure Pinot Noir flavours are wrapped in fine filigreed tannins, which are layered and add many levels of complexity. A vibrant,vineyard derived wine, free of winemaking artifact and rich in authenticity.

Amen Break 2013 Pinot Noir

What is The Amen Break?

In 1968, a little known funk and soul outfit called The Winstons recorded ‘Amen Brother’. In the middle of the song (which by the way is very very cool- but it never achieved commercial success when released), the drummer, Greg Coleman, plays a short solo, or drum break. This 6 second, 4 bar piece of drumming genius is known as The Amen Break.

The Amen Break has become the most sampled drumbeat in musical history. It has been used by a huge diversity of artists, such as NWA, David Bowie, Public Enemy, The Prodigy, Aimee Winehouse, Carl Cox and Oasis.

It is considered the foundation rhythmic beat for the much of the electronic musical genre (Trip Hop, Drum ’n Bass, Jungle, Psych Trance etc.) that exploded in the late 80’s and early 90s of last century. 

There is a world of information regarding the Amen Break available on the web- have a look, you will be surprised how many popular (and obsolete)pieces of music you’ve listened to, danced at and lounged about with that feature the Amen Break.

Find Out More About The Amen Break

So for starters, check out these doco’s. But be warned, once you start watching and listening, you’ll be hooked!!

Visit to view a 20-minute short from Nate Harrison all about the Amen Break

Or check this out - an hour-long podcast from Crissy Criss, made for BBC1 Xtra.

And for a little general info on the importance of the Amen Break have a look at this guy.

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